"In 2012, all of my joints and muscles hurt so much that there were days that I couldn’t get out of bed. Walking was a chore…lifting was almost unbearable. The pain was unbelievable. I had put on about 30 pounds and was not a very happy girl. My confidence was shot. I NEEDED to feel better.

Shari Pegg-Bonaccorso

I decided to sign up for Ernie Schramayr’s Adventure Boot Camp…and in all honesty, I can tell you it was one of the best things I have ever done in my life!!! I struggled at first, but changes were happening and in 6 months I was down 25 pounds, my body fat percentage was down 10 %, I had lost 4.5 inches in my waist and 5.5 inches in my hips…that’s 10 INCHES total!!!

I wanted to be strong enough to fight my stupid diseases (Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto Disease and 3 other autoimmune diseases that I can’t even spell!) …and I NEEDED to be healthy!!! I told my Doctor about working out at Adventure Boot Camp and that I have NEVER felt better! He told me that exercise is an amazing immune system booster and in my case it was obviously working …he was quite amazed!!!

To sum it all up…I’M BACK!!!

Ernie, from the bottom of my heart…I thank you. And my boys thank you…their Mom is back. And my husband thanks you…the new…old me is back!”

Shari Pegg-Bonaccorso

Kevin Matthews

“When I first started working with Ernie, I thought that I would have to give up on my dream of playing and teaching music full time because of the pain that I was in when playing. He helped me to get over my injuries and to get stronger than I’ve ever been. I am now a full-time professional touring musician on a cruise line… and I LOVE working out! Whenever my back hurts or I need a tune up, I go see Ernie and I’m good to go.”

Kevin Matthews - Cruising musician/Andre and the J-Tones

Jennifer Deboer

“I hadn’t worked out consistently for 11 years prior to joining Ernie’s Adventure Boot Camp for Women. After getting married and having three kids there just wasn’t time.

Then… I got serious with the exercise and ‘cut the crap’ and began to eat smaller healthier meals (every meal!) and began drinking tons of water. Now I am 30 pounds lighter & 6 inches smaller in my waist and 6 inches smaller in my hips. I’m a comfortable size 8 (which I haven’t been since high school!) and have lots of energy plus sleep like a baby at night.

Through ABC, I’ve learned that I can tackle anything (family health issues, work challenges, family business etc.) because I’ve pushed myself through tough workouts and succeeded.

Since starting to train with Ernie, I’ve run two 5 km races, the Warrior Dash and a Half Marathon. Adventure Boot Camp has helped me be accountable about my health and diet. Ernie is always around to help you and encourage you plus give you ideas to improve your lifestyle. No matter what your fitness level, all you need to do is start, keep pushing & don’t give up. If I can do it, anyone can.

Jennifer “The Jeneral” Deboer

“Ernie Schramayr Fitness started an on-site Corporate Fitness program at the company that I work for (Felton Brushes) in 2012. We’ve been completing twice weekly circuit workouts as a group since then. The workouts are always changing, always challenging and have gradually increased in difficulty over the months. The first thing that I noticed was that after just three weeks, I no longer needed to wear the knee brace that I wore for the last 20 years! My leg muscles had gotten so much stronger that my knee was supported without the brace and I had no more pain.

My job requires that I work overhead on a machine for hours and over time, I’ve developed constant shoulder pain. Ernie’s workouts have almost eliminated the pain that I have in my shoulder. ….and recently I’ve noticed that my clothes fit looser and feel much better when I wear them!”

Wendy D. - (Felton Brushes)

“I did the 5Km Wellwood Race at McMaster this morning. I came 12th for all female competitors and came in 1st Place for my age category!!!!

I could not have done it without your workouts and Adventure Boot Camp!!! Thanks so much.”

Tara Bostock

"Thank you for all of your help and friendship over the last couple of years. Keep up the great work. You are not only improving people's lives.... you are saving them!"

Hilton and Shirley Silberg

Dr. Michael Pray

"Last winter I hurt myself shovelling snow and ice and eventually developed both golfer's AND tennis elbows which got worse when I played any sports. After 1 year, both of my elbows bothered me to the point where it affected my golf swing and the way that I shoot a puck. I had to modify activities and wear a brace on my arm to relieve the pain.

One month ago, I started an exercise program with Ernie Schramayr to improve my fitness level. He took into account the state of my elbows and developed a "take home" series of stretches and strengthening moves for my elbows, which he tweaked from week to week.

After 4 weeks, the pain in my arms is gone and I am able to shoot the puck like I always did in the past.

I am amazed!"

Thank you, Dr. Michael Pray

Jenna Owsianik

When I first started working out with Ernie I was very frustrated because I had a lot of difficulty walking and even carrying light objects. This was particularly upsetting because I am just 27 years old and over the past year and a half had already seen several people who couldn’t seem to help me or didn’t know how.

But after three months of training with Ernie I can now walk at a fast pace for 20 minutes, while before I had struggled walking for a minute. My body was stiff and hard to move and I couldn’t do a single pushup. Now I can do 20. I would feel significant pain in my back and hips and now the intensity and frequency of painful bouts has dropped considerably. Looking up a flight of stairs would sometimes feel as daunting as facing Mount Everest. Thankfully, because of Ernie, walking up stairs is now nearly effortless. Also, previous to seeing Ernie my body and spine felt very twisted, and now I feel straighter and stronger.

Training with Ernie has been a very rewarding and positive experience. He is a superb motivator, has a wonderful attitude and is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and how to make it operate at its peak. He listens to his clients and offered modifications when certain exercises were painful or too challenging. This way I could still work out and improve my physical health without hurting myself. Presently, I am much more hopeful about the future and what I’ll be able to accomplish because of Ernie’s help and encouragement.

Jenna Owsianik

"Hey Ernie!! Was thinking about you this am...! Ça va bien- morale is good…

I fit into 2 skirts and a pair of pants that I haven't been able to wear for over a year! - feels great! I love your support!"

Lynn Dumont

“When I started training with Ernie, I was suffering from chronic shoulder and neck pain. I was pretty sure it had to do with 20 years of sitting at a desk in front of a computer. Neither chiropractic nor massage therapy offered any permanent relief. Within two weeks of starting Adventure Boot Camp the pain was gone and has never come back! Life is so much better.”

Georgia Corkins